Client Spotlight: Kelly S.

Kelly S. is a wife and mom from Michigan that has been part of Fit Revival since 2016! She is strong in her faith, bold in how she shares it and strongly believes that taking care of herself is one of the most important things she can do. One of my favorite things about this girl is that she does this WITH her family. It has not just become part of her lifestyle, but theirs as well. On most days, she checks in to our group with a scripture and a sweaty selfie with her and her daughter. So amazing!

I’ve watched Kelly and her family go through several transitions over the years, the latest one being bringing Kelly home from teaching to start a new business and greenhouse called Immer Bloom. Definitely check out all of their beautiful succulents! So yeah, even in the midst of this, a pandemic and life, Kelly has still stayed true to taking care of her and letting God do the rest. Being her coach means gaining an amazing friend and prayer warrior in the process.

I asked Kelly some questions about her journey …

What has been your biggest win over the past 30 days?

I have kept going no matter what life throws my way!

What is the biggest thing you have learned about yourself in this process? How have you partnered with God?

I can do so many hard things. Eyes on Jesus, All. The. Time.

What is your occupation?

Greenhouse owner


I love to read and sing.

Favorite scripture?

 I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing. John 15:5

What’s your favorite song to dance to when no one is watching?

Joyful by Dante Bowe

And finally, meet Kelly. To know her is to see the joy of the Lord at work in her body, mind and soul. Get info on the next Fit Revival Bootcamp by clicking here. 

Amber Collins
Work from home mom on a journey to experience more of Jesus in everything I do. I love fitness, nutrition & helping others live out the calling on their life.

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