I will admit that I after I hit “share” last week on my blog post, I wondered if I had gotten in over my head and I hoped that I would be able to keep up my end of the deal …. blogging each week is a big committment for me!  So, here it goes.  I am not an expert on The Bible, Proverbs or even this chapter.  I am highly unqualified to author a blog on this subject, but my intention is to keep it simple and call it like my heart sees it.  Disclaimers aside, the plan is to post the verse at the beginning of the week and post thoughts at the end of the week, with a lot of prayer in between. I hope that you will chime in as you see fit!

Verse 10 (NLT version – New Living Translation)
“Who can find a virtuous and capable wife?  She is more precious than rubies.”  

I think it helps to define the adjectives in this verse:

Virtuous:  morally excellent, upright
Capable:  having power and ability; efficient; competent; skillful; accomplished
Precious:  of high price or great value; very valuable or costly

What do you think?  Pray about it and see where the Lord takes you!

Love, Amber

Amber Henderson
Work from home mom on a journey to experience more of Jesus in everything I do. I love fitness, nutrition & helping others live out the calling on their life.

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