Intention Beats Perfection

What in you needs to die so that you can truly LIVE? I saw this question posted on social media and it’s stuck around with me for the past several weeks.

For me? Perfectionism.

I was that little girl who stayed up until midnight without my parents knowing so that I could recopy my homework in my best writing. So that it would be PERFECT. There have been many times in my life that the pressure I put on myself has been far greater than the pressure anyone else has placed on me. But then … how do you pursue imperfection with perfection? Because if I’m going to do things imperfectly, I want to execute that perfectly. LOL! As someone who truly struggles in this area, that’s actually a real question.

Hard work, YES.

Intention, YES.

Perfection, NO.

In The Fit Sister Project, we are talking about what it looks like to REPLACE perfection with INTENTION. Intention allows you to work hard. Live life on purpose. Show up boldly. Align your priorities in a way that honors God. Intention welcomes discipline, but allows you to linger in the spaces that require lingering. Linger in the quiet moments when it’s just you and Jesus. Linger with your spouse. Linger with your children.

Intention beats perfection every time. There is FREEDOM for us there, sister.

Our March guest speaker in The Fit Sister Project (we call it FSP for short) is Jennifer Bradford of Gathering With Purpose. If you missed her talk, I’ve linked it up here for you … so much truth and wisdom on this topic.

My favorite quote from Jennifer, “We don’t need perfect bodies. Perfect homes. Perfect marriages. We need Jesus.”



Amen, right?  I hope this encourages you in some way today. And if you DON’T have a ride or die fit sisterhood that helps you walk all of this out, we hope you’ll join us in The Fit Sister Project. We are always up to something and we’d love to walk this out with you!

Love, Amber

Amber Collins
Work from home mom on a journey to experience more of Jesus in everything I do. I love fitness, nutrition & helping others live out the calling on their life.

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