Feel Like Quitting? Ask THIS Question First.

The stars have finally aligned. We start a new workout program, rejoin the gym, attend a new class, invest in ourselves, and get all excited about it. After all, the timing is perfect. The excitement builds and we adhere to the “plan” for a week straight and we feel amazing. We can’t believe it’s taken us this long to start. I mean, who would want to replace this on-top-of-the-world feeling with anything that might stand in our way?


But then a kid gets sick and we miss a workout.

The husband goes out of town and we start eating cereal for dinner.

Work gets stressful and all we want to do is binge-watch Netflix.

Or worse yet, there’s a tragedy. And we’re left to cope.


The truth of the matter is that even in the midst of these moments where we feel so out of control, God is always in control. And you matter to Him. We matter to Him. There will never be the perfect season to take care of you, but I know that during one of the most difficult times in my life, God asked me to take care of me so that he could take care of the rest. And He did.




In talking with a friend this past week, I realized that this is a picture of what he’s asked me to do with my life. He’s asked me to share that message with you. TAKE CARE OF YOU, SISTER. LET HIM DO THE REST. He was asking me to love myself so that I could fully receive His love, the love of the one who was hurting with me and who had already hurt FOR me. But I couldn’t just sit there with my hands out,  I had to start taking steps towards him and actually do what he was asking me to do. Same goes for you.


Something amazing happens when you realize how much you are loved, He fills you to the point of overflowing and you cannot help but pour it out in other places, on other people. So in the same respect, we are called to TAKE CARE OF EACH OTHER. AND LET HIM DO THE REST. And that’s what this Fit Revival, fit sisterhood is all about. He always shows us exactly what to do, only we often don’t realize it until it all comes full circle.


So there’s never a perfect time to take care of you. Even in your day-to-day, temptations WILL arise, situations WILL happen and you WILL feel like quitting. It’s inevitable. So what makes this time different than all of the rest? Allow me to point you back to your Creator. Before you quit, before you skip a workout or dip into the secret candy stash … ask yourself something that I learned from a friend awhile back,




On many occasions, this question has provided the right gut check, the necessary filter, the needed pause button before I do something I’ll regret later. And I want to be clear … there have been moments where a little bite of chocolate IS God’s best for me, HA! If it’s the difference in me completely caving and devouring a few pieces of cake later on, then allowing myself a small treat might be the right thing. Or maybe He’ll redirect me to something healthier, or maybe it’s a moment where I have to resist completely. Without a doubt, He wants to teach us something in that moment and draw us closer to Him. But we have to let Him first! So before you cave in to the moment …


1. Stop
2. Ask, Is this God’s best for me? 
3. Proceed with confidence 


We will always come out on the other side of our choices with more clarity and less regret when we seek him first. Let Him be your steady right hand, your rock and your redeemer. Whatever health and fitness journey you are on, take heart … it IS a journey and the more you lean on Him, the more joy you’ll find in the process. You matter, and nothing is too big or too small to take to Him.


“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isaiah 41:10

Amber Bailey
Work from home mom on a journey to experience more of Jesus in everything I do. I love fitness, nutrition & helping others live out the calling on their life.

Written by Amber Bailey

Work from home mom on a journey to experience more of Jesus in everything I do. I love fitness, nutrition & helping others live out the calling on their life.

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