Easiest Breakfast Casserole. Ever.

Fridays are the day that every mama on the planet is just kind of done. Done with the week. Bring on the weekend. I had the house to myself for a few hours on Friday morning, so I started out to make my usual eggs for breakfast. But before I knew it, I had a full blown casserole on my hands.

So shocking, sisters.

Let me take a brief detour here to remind you that I am no cook. I like to follow the recipe, preferably one with as few ingredients as possible. Let’s not complicate things, right?!? My creativity in the kitchen just rarely ends well, which is probably the reason I eat so clean.

I just keep it simple, y’all.

So I can’t explain what happened this week, but I pretty much made this recipe up and it turned out so good that I decided to share it here. I hope you’ll put your own twist on it, because you really can’t mess it up, I’m proof of that.

Easiest Breakfast Casserole. Ever. Stick this in oven and invite your girlfriends over for coffee. You know, the ones you’ve been meaning to invite over all year long. Who cares what your house looks like, or if the laundry is done. Shut the door. Invite them over. Between this recipe and your Keurig, you’re all set, fit sister. Enjoy!

Oh, and just in case you and your girlfriends are doing the 21 Day Fix together, this recipe is completely Fix-friendly. Ain’t nobody messin’ with those goals! Spoken like a TRUE Texan, right?!? And just in case you need some girlfriends to do the 21 Day Fix with you, stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW and drop me a message here.

Easiest Breakfast Casserole


Amber Collins
Work from home mom on a journey to experience more of Jesus in everything I do. I love fitness, nutrition & helping others live out the calling on their life.

4 thoughts on “Easiest Breakfast Casserole. Ever.”

  1. Would a person be able to swap out the broccoli for spinach and it still equal the same thing for 21 day fix cups?! 🙂

  2. Hi Abby! I haven’t tried that, but I would measure out fresh spinach in my green containers prior to cooking, it’s worth a shot! It might even be a good idea to saute your spinach and let it wilt a bit before adding it in. Let me know how it turns out!

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