So you’re ready to take YOU back?

Good job, fit sister. I’m proud of you already.

You’re ready to feel …


You want … REVIVAL. Revival is a restoration of your body and an awakening of your spirit. It starts with your heart, sweet friend.


Where do I even start?
What workouts do I do?
How will I know what to eat?
How much do I eat?
When do I eat?
Is it worth the effort?
Why isn’t the scale moving?
What happens if I fall off track?
How will this fit with my family?
If my family isn’t supportive, where do I turn?
Will this time be any different?
How does this work?

All of my coaching is done virtually, via social media (Facebook, Instagram, email). This makes it super easy and convenient for us to stay in touch and communicate daily.

We’ll work together to customize a plan for you based on your goals and needs. My goal is always to help you find your soul mate workout … you know, the one you’d do even if I wasn’t here holding you accountable!

I’ll teach you how to eat and point you towards tools, whole food nutrition and supplements that will help you meet your goal.

I’ve partnered with Beachbody to bring you the best trainers, the most knowledgeable fitness and nutrition experts and the most effective at-home fitness programs, tools and nutrition.

The very best news?

The private accountability group, all of my clean eating tips, meal prepping resources, daily motivation and personalized check-ins are completely free for you. You’ll learn how to integrate everything into your family and busy lifestyle. The only cost to you is getting the actual program and tools you need to set yourself up for success.

Your fitness journey will be a series of “next steps”. As each 30 day group comes to a close, we’ll discuss your next step and I’ll be here to help you take each one. After all, we’re sisters now, right?

Through these groups, I have been blessed to walk with hundreds of women over the past 3 years as they have made incredible progress and changed their lives and their families in the process. They have changed mine as well. This Fit Revival experience and these challenge group communities equip women to be everything they’ve been called to be, both inside and outside the home … it’s my labor of love, my gift of time and what I feel I was put on this earth to do.

The only cost to you is to order the program we decide is the best fit for you and have it delivered to your door. Prices vary based on the program chosen and what you may already have at home.

No gym fees.
No worrying about child care.
No dressing up or worrying if your ponytail looks straight.
Workout in your pj’s … nobody will even know.

It’s just you, your workout and your goals, with me and the coolest fit sister community by your side!